West Hill School

Welcome to the LiFT Partnership, a special multi-academy trust consisting of 3 schools.
LiFT Partnership

Helping children Achieve
as much as they possibly can
and to Flourish in adult life

School Day

School Day

9:00 am

Taxis arrive

9:10 am

School starts

9:25 am

Reading   Lesson 1

9:45 am

Lesson 1

10:30 am


10:40 am

Lesson 2

11:30 am


11:40 am

Lesson 3

12:40 am

Reading     Study time

1:00 pm

Lunch (1:00 pm Einstein, Seacole, Curie, Winston; 1:20 pm Novello, Hubble, Newton, Nightingale)

1:45 pm

Lesson 4

2:45 pm

Reading   Lesson 4 cont’d or Lesson 5

3:15 pm

Tutor time – reflections on the day, preparation for going home

3:25 pm

School day ends

KS3 Einstein, Seacole, Curie, Winston

KS4 Hubble, Newton, Nightingale