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KS4 Historic (until July 2020)

West Hill completed it's transition from a secondary provision to a primary provision in July 2020. Our historic data relating to KS4 is as follows: 

Teaching and Learning

Structured Lessons

In Seniors there is a consistent lesson learning journey across all subjects so that pupils know what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they will learn it before the learning evaluation.

Great emphasis is placed on visual and practical learning activities and strategies, with care taken to make learning motivational and relevant.

Learning to learn

We spend time carefully teaching and reinforcing learning strategies so that pupils can ultimately problem-solve and work as independently as possible.


In addition to the approaches used in Optima, teachers are trained in the use of Elklan, a programme designed by speech and language therapists, to enable them to be more effective in supporting children with speech, language and communication challenges.

The impact of this approach to language across the curriculum is that teachers:

  • Understand the importance of their role in developing children’s communication
  • Can support the communication development of all children in the school environment across the curriculum and in the playground
  • Have a range of strategies at their disposal which can be used to support children’s communication whatever and wherever they are being taught
  • Are more confident in interpreting school leadership reports and programmes , which means they can be implemented more easily and effectively
  • Know how to modify their interactions, which is of benefit to ALL children
  • Can change the way they speak to children so they understand more of what is said
  • Can encourage talking by using specific strategies, such as modelling language, which can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Know how to support a child with interaction difficulties
  • Know the types of children they can work with and those who need to be seen by the Speech and Language Therapist
  • Are more confident in talking to parents about their child’s speaking and listening skills
  • Share a common language with the Speech and Language Therapy service

Supported communication

We use Makaton signing for those children who need help to communicate, and Communicate InPrint symbols are used extensively throughout the school.


During your child’s time at West Hill we try to ensure that there are always opportunities for wider social and academic interaction. While your child is in a class group for the year, there are a range of ways in which pupils may associate, socialise and learn with other children.

These include:

  • mixed reading groups
  • vertically grouped classes
  • setting for subjects where and if beneficial
  • additional curriculum enrichment sessions
  • lunchtime and after-school clubs
  • residential trips and other school trips
  • curriculum theme days
  • unstructured times (such as before school play)
  • joint class delivery in subjects such as PE

Read our Behaviour for Learning policy here.


DFE School Performance Tables

Summary of KS4 results 2020

Summary of KS4 results 2019

Summary of KS4 results 2018

Summary of KS4 results 2017

Summary of KS4 results 2016

Summary of KS4 results 2015

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KS4 results at the Department for Education website

Careers Programme at West Hill

Careers Education Advice and Guidance

From August 2020 West Hill will no longer provide a Key Stage 4 offering and will therefore will not be publishing further updates on this advice document.

Our planning across the school is supported and guided by the Preparation for Adulthood Tool, designed by the DfE. This can be viewed here.

Leaver's Destinations


Philip Southcote Specialist 6th Form
Woodfield School Specialist 6th Form
Linden Bridge Specialist 6th Form
Brooklands College Supported Learning
NESCOT Supported Learning


Woodlands School Specialist 6th Form
Philip Southcote Specialist 6th Form
Carwarden House Specialist 6th Form
Woodfield School Specialist 6th Form
Linden Bridge Specialist 6th Form
Brooklands College
East Surrey College
Merton College


Clifton Hill Specialist 6th Form
Carshalton College Supported Learning
Kingston College Hair & Beauty
Kingston College Supported Learning
Linden Bridge Specialist 6th Form
NESCOT Supported Learning
Orchard Hill College Specialist 6th Form
Philip Southcote Specialist 6th Form
St Philips School Specialist 6th Form
Woodfield School Specialist 6th Form


Brooklands College Art
Brooklands College Art and Media
Brooklands College Life Skills
Cheam PEP Specialist 6th Form
Clifton Hill Specialist 6th Form
East Surrey College Life Skills
NESCOT Creative Arts and Media
NESCOT Life Skills
NESCOT Animal Care
Woodlands School Specialist 6th Form


Brooklands Supported Learning
Clifton Hill Specialist 6th Form
East Surrey College Motor Vehicles
Kingston College Music
Kingston College Hair & Beauty
NESCOT Hospitality
NESCOT Animal Care
NESCOT Supported Learning
Reigate College Business BTEC
St Phillips Specialist 6th Form


Cheam PEP
Crawley College
Croydon College
Guildford College
Walton Leigh