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School Governors

The governing body is a group of volunteers from within the school and the local community.

Our main responsibilities are:

  • acting as a critical friend to the school
  • providing strategic direction
  • ensuring accountability
  • promoting high standards of education and achievement
  • planning the school’s long-term future
  • setting the school’s aims and values
  • assisting in the appointment of senior members of staff, including the Headteacher

We meet as a Local Governing Body three times a year, and we each have different responsibilities to fulfil.  For example, governors may focus on safeguarding, SEND, learning pathways, or leadership and management.

As the school is an academy in the LiFT Partnership, which is a multi-academy trust, the Local Governing Body is part of a governance structure.  The LiFT Partnership has a Board of Trustees, which provides strategic leadership for the schools in the trust.  The Board has delegated certain functions to be locally managed, which means that Local Governing Bodies have general responsibility for the effective management of the school.  This information is held in a Scheme of Delegation, which can be found on the LiFT Partnership website.

Being a governor is deeply rewarding, and it does require a commitment. Governors are expected to complete induction training and to take full advantage of a detailed programme of development to help build expert knowledge and practice.

If you are interested in joining West Hill’s Governing Body and feel that you have the skills and experience to work with other governors to lead the school, please email Nichola Hooper (nhooper@west-hill.surrey.sch.uk) to arrange an informal discussion in the first instance.


Chair Mrs R Goodwin

Mr R Estee-Wale
Mr N Fisher (Parent)

Mr J Kidd 

Mrs B Read (Parent)

Miss A Slade (Headteacher)

Below is the list of Governors and their attendance for the academic year 2017/18

Governor Start of Term End of Term Attendance 2017/18
Rosemary Goodwin 01/11/2014 31/10/2018 – extended 3/4
Martin Burke 10/12/2014 09/12/2018 – extended 4/4
Rebecca Dowell 01/09/2017 31/08/2021 3/4
Ricardo Estee-Wale 20/11/2017 19/11/2021  2/3
Douglas MacLennan 08/12/2015 07/12/2019 (resigned)  3/4
Judy Nettleton  01/01/2002 23/04/2019 (resigned) 4/4
Becky Read 08/05/2018 07/05/2022 2/2
Ian Wilson 02/10/2017 23/09/2018 (resigned) 3/4

Resignations for 2017/18 academic year

Governor Start of Term End of Term Attendance 2017/18
Ray Marsh 08/09/2015 07/08/2019 – Resigned 31/07/2018 3/4

Resignations in the current academic year

Governor Start of Term End of Term
Douglas MacLennan 08/12/2015 Resigned 07/12/2018
Judy Nettleton 01/01/2002 Resigned 23/04/2019
Martin Burke 10/12/2014 Resigned 31/08/2019
Rebecca Dowell 01/09/2017 Resigned 31/08/2019

Below is the  declared governor interests for the academic year 2017/18

Name of Governor Date of Appointment Name of Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date declared
Martin Burke 10.12.2014 GLF Schools Education Trustee 28.09.2017
Rebecca Dowell 01.09.2017 West Hill School Education Teacher 24.09.2018
Ricardo Estee-Wale 20.11.2017 Surrey County Council Education Educational Psychologist 25.09.2018
Rosemary Goodwin 01.11.2014 Rugosa Consultancy Ltd Information Technology Director 13.09.2016
Judy Nettleton 01.01.2002 West Hill School Education Headteacher 28.09.2017
Becky Read 08.05.2018 Surrey Family Voice Charity Volunteer 25.09.2018
Nigel Fisher 06.11.2018 Wild Frontiers Travel Travel Chief Operating Officer 06.11.2018

Below are the in year changes to the declared governor interests

James Kidd 25.02.2019

St. John's School


Surrey Schools' Athletics Association

Education Assistant Head 10.02.2019
Abigail Slade 23.04.2019 West Hill School Education Headteacher 12.06.2019