West Hill School

Helping children Achieve
as much as they possibly can
and to Flourish in adult life


From September 2016, West Hill School began its transition from a secondary school for pupils with learning difficulties to a county wide primary school for learning and additional needs.

It will provide 128 places plus 7 full time equivalent assessment nursery places. 

West Hill will take pupils with more complex learning difficulties, including speech and language difficulties, autism and/or medical needs.

As an outstanding school, significant investment has been made to develop the West Hill School site to create a centre of excellence for Surrey’s primary aged children with learning and additional needs. In a central location, the school is accessible and the buildings can be adapted for complex needs pupils. It will support the whole county and develop expertise for inclusive learning and additional needs practice in Surrey’s specialist and primary learning difficulties centres and mainstream schools.

The school will offer a seven full time equivalent nursery provision on an assessment basis from September 2018. The school will continue to provide for the remaining secondary aged pupils until 2020.

For queries regarding your child’s place your first point of contact should be your case worker.  To book a visit to the school please ring us on 01372 814714.

West Hill School Admissions 2020-2021

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 our open days have been temporarily suspended, if you would like a virtual tour please contact the office via

Email - office@westhill.thpt.org.uk

Phone  - 01372 814714

Primary Curriculum

We have now finalised the curriculum offer for Primary, please see the document below. This includes the Key Stage 1 schemes.

Primary Curriculum 2020-21