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Communication & Partnership

We recognise that sending your child to a school which may not be on your doorstep can mean that you could lose the valuable links that you make with other parents.

The school is committed to ensuring that you are kept in touch with other parents and that opportunities are given on a termly basis for you to meet each other.

In addition to this our dedicated education team is on-hand to support you and your child through formal and informal training or information sessions and during your child’s time at West Hill.

Our communication with you is extremely important to us and we will be checking with you that it works well for you too. This will help us learn from your in-depth knowledge of your child so that we can quickly respond to what you know works best and any changes or challenges, to best support him or her in school. We also want you to feel confident that you know how well your child is progressing in school.

The school communicates with parents and carers in a number of ways. As children get older and more independent, we encourage them to take more responsibility for letting you know what is going on. This supports our core value of maintaining pupil dignity. We endeavour to respond to queries within 48 hours (2 working days) as your child’s teacher is involved in the classroom for the majority of their day.

Here is the link to the SEND Code of Practice and the West Hill SEND Information Report.