West Hill School

Helping children Achieve
as much as they possibly can
and to Flourish in adult life

Curriculum & Qualifications

Ambitious about outcomes

By the time children leave us we want them to be:

  • Good communicators
  • Socially proficient
  • Happy and able to emotionally self-regulate
  • Literate
  • Numerate
  • Independent
  • Ready for secondary school and beyond with a lifelong love of learning

To deliver these outcomes our ambitious curriculum:

  • Is appropriate, broad and balanced
  • Integrates therapies via a multi-professional team approach
  • Fosters the characteristics of effective early learning through: playing and exploring; active learning and creating and thinking critically
  • Is learning, not content led to achieve mastery
  • Is underpinned by a deep understanding of research of into how our children learn
  • Assesses and plans for each child’s holistic outcomes
  • Creates planned opportunities to develop independence, community participation, and functional social and communication skills
  • Is supported by effective policies to support outcomes e.g. behaviour and teaching policies

Reading is taught extremely well to all students. It is the key to students’ increasing successes because it helps them to achieve better in all subjects. There is a very strong focus on regular spelling and writing tasks, with a clear emphasis on the teaching of grammar. Students write in a wide range of subjects and for many different purposes.

Ofsted 2014